Why Build This

I’ve never really considered documenting my thought process in the open until I stumbled across Andy Matuschak’s notes. The idea is simple - we’re way too accustomed to sharing what is complete, what is ready for immediate use or consumption rather than the process. What that means is that we’re more likely to try and work in a silo until we either build the wrong thing or are missing some key hypotheses about how something should or could work.

In an effort to learn more in public, I think it will be tremendously valuable to keep some of my working notes public and share both the “Eureka!” moments as well as the stumbling blocks where I just can’t figure something out and am thinking through the different solution variations that I can apply to solve the problem.

Because these are not finished or well-thought-out blog posts, here be dragons. A lot of them. There are notes that will change and become outdated, but such is the nature of this project - as things get bumped in priorities, as some of the efforts will become more structured, the need for some of the earlier writing will no longer be there. The notes will linger as a mile marker on a, hopefully, more well-paved highway.

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