What's Top Of Mind

In an effort to build in the open, here is a list of personal projects that I am focusing on outside of my full-time job, since I can’t talk publicly about product plans that don’t belong to me directly.

  • Reverse engineering the Halo Infinite API. I am building out the Grunt API wrapper for the entirety of the Halo Infinite API, based on [some of my discoveries] around the game.
    • Once I feel good about the implementation for Halo Infinite, I am planning on adding Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Halo Wars, and Halo Wars 2.
    • In the future, I hope to be able to also translate the wrapper for Python and Node.js, however that project might take some time given that even getting the .NET wrapper off the ground takes a significant amount of effort for one person.
    • Also working on making sure that I can parse the Halo Infinite film format, since it might contain some interesting data about player positioning.
  • Building out The Work Item podcast. Lots of ideas for the show, especially around guests and topics.
    • Need to focus more on the fundamentals and make sure that the content is discoverable. This includes writing transcripts.
    • Transcript writing can be automated quite a bit with the help of ML-based services. I’ve been using ToText that I wrote earlier for this purpose, but likely need to extend that further to increase transcription quality.
  • The OpenSpartan project. Idea is fairly simple - make some of the Halo API information more transparent and documented.
    • Started a GitHub organziation for this purpose.
    • Some of the automation ideas need to mature, so that I can use the tools I write myself for exploration.
    • Thinking at least a few items, including:
      • Halo CLI
      • Grunt API wrapper (.NET, Node.js, Python)
      • REST API documentation
      • Documentation on file formats (e.g., engine game variant BINs)

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